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On Instagram or Twitter and don’t have enough followers? You have around maybe 100-300 followers or may even still be in the double digits and see people with 10k+ followers and wonder how they get there? There are ways to get your followers/fanbase up and it is not that hard.

Liking and following others will help you get plenty of followers up but in the social networking world it is best if the followers come to you. A great way to make that happen is to go to a shoutout page and have them shout you out. If they have about 20,000 followers or more, its a good chance you might be able to pick up a couple hundred followers.

Posting good content, funny things, whatever makes the user want to hit like or retweet. Whenever someone likes a post their friends can see it then their friends will see it and so on. That’s how getting followers go viral.

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